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  1. H

    My first grow! Bag seeds - Chronic Mint Tart

    Hello! This is my first thread on RIU, and I’m excited to share my first grow as it is today. I germinated 12 bud bag seeds from an ounce of CHRONIC MINT TART 50/50 Hybrid What a strain to get accidental seeds from! Since germinating, I realized I’ll need to register for a grow license and did...
  2. Francisco3990412


    What’s wrong with my cannabis plan, 90% of the leaves look like this. Should I jusT put her to rest?
  3. Francisco3990412

    Help please

    Why are the leave tips of my young plant turning that color? This is what I feed it. Can you please help me?
  4. M

    Looking for

    Hello everyone , im new to the forum and i was hoping i could get some input on my grow and how i can optimize it. This photo is right after a very very heavy trimming and going into the first day of budding Lights - (2) Solar System 1100s running at 75blue 99 white 99 red Hydro system - Slow...
  5. Spiderfarmerled

    GSC grow in 5x5 tent under SF 4000 Led

    In the 5x5 the GSCracks are stacking up hardcore. The past few weeks the bud growth has been crazy, The Spiderfarmerled is starting to turn the buds into rocks, very very dense.
  6. Spiderfarmerled

    From Seed to Harvest Ak kush and Cindy 99

    Light: Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED Strain:Ak kush and Cindy 99 Seed-Feb 26 March 12 March 26 Flower-April 29 Harvest-May 24
  7. Spiderfarmerled

    Spider Farmer-How's your feeling of new Dimmer Box

    CUSTOMIZED DIMMING DESIGN: Upgraded SF series growing lights have a dimming knob and light switch. A single light can be adjusted the light intensity at liberty. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming especially beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.
  8. desibunnypink

    I need some help possible Hermie?!

    hello everyone, I have a plant about 36 days old from taproot. I got the seed from a bag I had got from a friend so I know the quality is sure not to be top notch. Anyway, I went to check on my plant and these balls look like my female has Hermied but then I’ve seen where the Calyxes look sac...
  9. J

    NEED HELP. 5 Weeks into Flower. Leaves turning yellow/purple

    im currently growing a cotton candy kush strain. First time grow. I am using a 600w LED Light. Using nutrients from my local hydroponic store (see nutrients in pics). It is dutch nutrients line. I am growing in a 3 gal pot using ocean farm soil. My lights are about 12-14” from canopy of plant...
  10. R

    1st indoor grow

    Was wondering why I'm getting little lines in between the leafes. (pic 1 and pic 2) Seems like the plant is doing ok. Its been day 9 since i switched to flower. Temperature has been reaching 82-84f in the day but normally i keep it 79° early when lights turn on and then slowly go up to 80-83...
  11. cannetix Inc

    Texeda Timewarp Outdoor - Ontario, Canada

    Strain: Texada Timewarp (From Clone) - Planted May 24 Ontario, Canada - 43rd parallel Medium: Soil -70% Sphagnum Peat -20% Compost -5% Sand (High trace element content, obtained from Bancroft, Ontario) -5% Clay Inoculated with Mykes Mycorrhizae & 25+ Strains Rhizobacteria Veg Fertilizer...
  12. M

    New to growing! Need some advice!

    Hello everyone! Knowing a friend who has just come back from Amsterdam with a handful of seeds, they like the idea of starting a small- to medium-scale grow operation. They're not sure where to start but would love some advice from people who have done it before. Here is what is in the...
  13. Roche Mars

    Grow cannabis with led grow light

    I bought a lightimetunnel 45w LED Grow Light on amazon. I would recommend this for people interested in grow lights but not quite ready to invest in a larger assembly, as well as anyone interested in a small grow light.Since it plugs directly into a standard socket, no extra assembly or setup is...
  14. A

    Will I be able to get 1.5 ounces per plant ?

    First grow btw I plan to plant 9 Ak48 Seeds in seedling cups then transplant to 3 gal pots and have this so far - (3x3) 36 x 36 x 72 Grow Tent - 6 inch carbon filter an exhust fan - Oscilating Fan - Mars 2 900w LED Grow light [420Actual Watts] -Gh Flora 3 series -Tap Water that sits out for 24...
  15. Philthy_currenzy

    Micro CFL cannabis grow

    yooo whats up im working on a little experiment here and its look pretty good so far you guys should check out my video on youtube i will be keeping it updated as far as my grow goes heres the link i hope you guys enjoy my video and if u got any questions feel free to ask or if u got...
  16. NoahGrowsWeed

    Rapid leaf death/curling what do.

    What's going on folks, It's my first grow and I've been doing nothing but suffering since j flipped my ladies to 12/12, I seem to be having some issues I can't quite put my finger on and I'm afraid my harvest will be shit. I've attached a few photos of what's going on. I've done my fair share...
  17. dunksndank

    Which growing factor is most important?

    I just finished my first grow and noticed my plants suffered from a combination of factors. It started with a lack of nutrients and then improper heat environment. From the experienced growers which factor contributes most to the growth of your plants?
  18. MjMama

    Mjmama Gardens

    Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me from last seasons grow journal here. I've been growing weed for several years and recently decided to go back to college for a degree in agriculture. Hopefully my prior experience and increased education will come together to make this a great year. I'll...