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  1. Kassiopeija

    Anesia Seeds

    I'm a huge fan of Anesia Seeds because of their guaranteed world-record breaking high THC strains and reliable/transparent inhouse genetics so I thought I pop some beans from them. This is Future#1 an outstanding stocky Indica currently a bit droopy from transplant. This strain is quite...

    Win A 3 Pack Of Anesia Seeds' *NEW* Future Island (34% THC!)

    Good Friday RollItUpers! Well technically last Friday was good Friday but fuck it, we’re high and it’s the weekend and words don’t matter. We’ve really appreciate the response to the Anesia Seed giveaways - we think they’re putting out some of the best product in the entire industry right now...

    Win a 3 Pack of Anesia Seeds Dankberry!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent giveaway. As previously discussed, we are stocking Anesia’s latest hard-to-get range, and as such wanted to celebrate with the seedy community (not that kind of seedy) we know and love here at RollItUp. This week’s order is a fat...

    Win A Three Pack Of Anesia Seeds' Auto Imperium X! 2 Months Of Weekly Giveaways Starts This Weds

    To celebrate the arrival of a fresh batch of Anesia Seeds’ goodness, we’re going to be hosting weekly giveaways giving away a different strain each week - starting today. Today's prize is Auto Imperium X. An auto with THC levels of up to 29% (!!), this is the latest in a long line of automatic...

    10 New Anesia Seeds Strains At Chosen Seeds - Get 'Em While They're Still Here!

    Arriving from Spain is Anesia Seeds' elusive, much sought-after batch of latest creations. We have ten of their newest selection, and they’re all as magnificent as the last. Considering we’ve been on the Anesia train hard since their inception, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had a lot of...