St. Agnes abandoned church Detroit.

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Any Jews on this forum? I'd tend to consider this this perspective over most others. This lil history lesson has helped diminish my prejustice towards a little bitty scribble. But still, the ...stica is tainted like a mofo and could do without it evermore.


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So i went down to detroit today to shoot a music video at St. agnes church. got to check out a pretty interesting tile inlaid into the floor. i saw a pic of this and wanted to check it out myself (where in the floor was it, was it added later, was it possibly carved.) and i can tell you this.

1. It was definitely laid with the tile around it (not sure when that was) or the whole church went through a regrouting after it was put in which seems highly unlikely to me.

2. its the real deal about a quarter inch deep and definitely not carved there the sides on the inside of it are clean cut and uniform no tool marks

3. its in a pretty bizarre spot. from my best estimate its either under the first seat section from the center isle of the back pew. or just next to the pew? its in the back row right near the center isle kind of a weird spot to find it i thought.

the ole google box tells me there are all kinds of swastikas in american churches as they were used a lot in architecture and design before world war 2. this church was build in 1913 so plenty of time before some one shat all over the symbol.

Heres where i scratch my head. the ole google box returns picture after picture of big prominent DECORATIVE swastikas and ornate wall DECORATION with swastikas in it but nothing about little hidden swastikas in the floor tiles. I'm sure theres more info out there and I'm gonna keep digging and see what i can find I'm sure il update this thread later.

And I'm not posting this here because i have some affinity for the symbol because of a certain political organization or group. i have an affinity for this symbol for the same reason ole hitler did..... because its been used OVER AND OVER throughout history, and it always seems to pop up in unique spots. hitler saw this and so have countless others. maybe its just a cool design that people like. maybe its a secret marking for the elite to recognize. maybe it just means luck(which is a meaning it held for quite some time) but either way this tile was in a weird ass spot.

without further adieu

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i went out to the web and snagged a pic of the surroundings so u guys can get an idea of the gothicness of it all

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The bottom of this photo you see the isle terminate at the edge. right about there is where the swastika is. this photo really old and the place is in so much worse shape now. there is NOOO veneer on anything any more all exposed structural masonry. the ground is piled up and all uneven as the ceiling has mostly caved in by the pillars. its a mess nowadays.

Wudya guys thinks? pretty nifty huh all kinds of cool things right in our own backyards.

*edit* the church was built in 1913 totally thought i had that in there >.<

*re edit* I did say it was built in 1913 >.<
The swastika was seen as a symbol of luck and before the rise of the Nazis it was common in many countries bing displayed on coupons,as company logos and as a design feature in architecture.
I'm not American but I'm sure I read somewhere that the First Amendment of the US Constitution protects it's use as a symbol.


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Any Jews on this forum? I'd tend to consider this this perspective over most others. This lil history lesson has helped diminish my prejustice towards a little bitty scribble. But still, the ...stica is tainted like a mofo and could do without it evermore.
So true brother. I would hope in the future that the term "equality" used legally today by many will be seen as the propaganda of bigotry it has become. Just think about "whistle blowers" under the law today and the fact that a white adult male under the age of 50 is specifically excluded from any such protections in this country. Consider that fact and the makeup of the Sept 11th crew left hanging in Libya last year :(


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Any Jews on this forum? I'd tend to consider this this perspective over most others. This lil history lesson has helped diminish my prejustice towards a little bitty scribble. But still, the ...stica is tainted like a mofo and could do without it evermore.
I have Jewish, Dutch, English and Danish ancestry. They were all
effected by Nazi's. Even German's are repulsed by what the symbol
stands for. Only 33% of German's voted for the Nazi party and even
a good percentage of that 33% had very little idea of what was going
to happen.

Wether they were sent to gas chambers, had a bomb dropped on their
house or died with a gun in their hand, many, many people were affected.
I do not think Jew's are able to feel more victimized then Russian's or be
more disgusted by the swastika then the Polish.

Even if the symbol had a different meaning when made at the church or
the free library, I just can't understand how it was not riped up around
1945 by some vet. or bereaved loved one.


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Fell 15,000 years ago nice! next question. how do they know 15,000? my guess carbon dating some crust that appears during entry maybe?

and i would say it was inconspicuous it was the only tile there that had a design on it in the floor. it was in a very strange spot probably would of been underneath the back row of pews when they were there.

here is a picture from indiana university they have the SAME tile same red and black coloring and everything.


There apparently was a church in lafyette indiana that found a swastika tile when they were remodeling and they decided to remove it. or Them i guess is the word used to maybe more then 1 tile there?


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They definitely have the same look as a lot of pewbics i found online. theres another church in lafyette indiana that had 15 swastika tiles that they removed when they were remodeling. sounds to me a local architect of the time had an affinity for the swastika? I'm working on figuring out the designers right now.

St agnes church in detroit built 1913
indiana gymnasium built 1917
lafyette church built in 1922


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Swastika tiles etc are very prominent in American architecture from the early 20th century with many of those buildings listed.


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Okay - I'm now thinking the mystery is mostly solved.
One of two things is probable here:
There are other tiles with designs in the floor that have thus far gone undiscovered,
Or the others were removed after the war and the lone tile was hidden from view as suggested, (under pews, etc.).

If you go back to retrieve the tile you found - you should look for others or the replaced tiles just for fun.
Keep in mind that a little water helps show the tile proper just as it does with rocks for a geologist.

That spot in the floor is very conspicuous when the building is new and empty of pews.
My best guess is it was part of a larger 'pattern' of sorts.


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[h=3]North America[/h]


Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team in 1909.​

The swastika motif was used by some Native American groups. It has been found in excavations of Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio andMississippi River valleys. It is frequently used as a motif on objects associated with the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (S.E.C.C.). It was also widely used by many southwestern tribes, most notably the Navajo. Among various tribes, the swastika carried different meanings. To the Hopi it represented the wandering Hopi clan; to the Navajo it was one symbol for a whirling log (tsil no'oli), a sacred image representing a legend that was used in healing rituals.[SUP][65][/SUP] A brightly colored First Nations saddle featuring swastika designs is on display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada.[SUP][66][/SUP]
A swastika shape is a symbol in the culture of the Kuna people of Kuna Yala, Panama. In Kuna tradition it symbolizes the octopus that created the world, its tentacles pointing to the four cardinal points.[SUP][67][/SUP]
In February 1925 the Kuna revolted vigorously against Panamanian suppression of their culture, and in 1930 they assumed autonomy. The flag they adopted at that time is based on the swastika shape, and remains the official flag of Kuna Yala. A number of variations on the flag have been used over the years: red top and bottom bands instead of orange were previously used, and in 1942 a ring (representing the traditional Kuna nose-ring) was added to the center of the flag to distance it from the symbol of the Nazi party.[SUP][68][/SUP]

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the floor is intact, and there is 0 info about any remodel on the place like the one if lafayette. the tile appears to be under the first seat. maybe a lucky seat (or something else) or it was on the corner of where you would turn the corner from entering the building to head down the main isle. some might of been covered on the edges of the room but there certainly wasn't any more in the 60% or so of the floor we could see.

it never really was a "mystery" so to speak its just very odd. feel free to head over there and check it out for yourself. i won't be going back unless i have a much larger group of people. i was "well protected" we will say and i was still very nervous.

when this place was built in 1913 it was DEAD CENTER of the woodward boom in detroit. from 1900-1930's immigrants from eastern europe moved to detroit by droves. it was FAR from the same city it is today. it just seems weird, i tried putting myself into the contractors shoes and really couldn't figure a reason out based on my current knowledge except some kind of good luck token.

its just nifty to me i like to think lol.


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Have you ever been to a trade union meeting where they sing songs like a cult and shit? Back before WWI and all this political bullshit we are indited with since, those trades dropped those tiles during construction as a symbol of solidarity among such trades. Odd how much politics have stained our civilization in less than a century :(


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Look carefully, does the pinwheel go left or right? I've seen this symbol I saw as a young child with my Grandfather at least 50 years ago at an Indian monument (Potawatami (?) in Niles, MI. I asked him if it was a "Nazi" symbol, as it was less than 15 years after WW2. The symbol I saw was in a different direction than the symbol we've all grown accustomed to. He told me it had a much different meaning than the one that caused such a bad time.


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its probably just the smoke your burning, sativa dominant :confused: and Who lost the rainbow symbol? the sherbert vendors of the world? and how did the gays lose it or take it or whatever. gay people only offend you if you let them. they are not doing anything wrong. gay people being gay doesn't hurt anyone but gay people. so thats not that big of a deal to me.

the day giant gay dudes are running all over the place trying to forcefully GAYIFY the world and killing you cause your not gay then ya GJ gay people YOU FUCKED IT UP, but last i checked that hasn't happened yet (Richard simmons gave it hell)...
O how times have changed in the last 6 years.... gay Nazis implementing their final solution for breeders incoming.

“JUST LIKE” was the exact right phrasing @abesupercro.


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Anyone interested in this whole storyline I got 6 more years of research to add to it. Really really really weird and interesting possibilities. Check back soon and I’ll drop a mega post