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C. Nesbitt

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September 7
One sour diesel and one BB are several weeks+ ahead of the other plants

September 12
One of the BB plants had flopped over in wind and rain. Spent some time supporting her from bamboo frame

Did some trimming of lower branches on all 5 plants to promote better airflow. Threw a couple of buds in the garage to dry.
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C. Nesbitt

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September 17
Starting to tie branches up on multiple plants, buds are starting to get heavier.

Looks like the bushiest and earliest SD won’t need much support, the others may, depending on how much the buds fill out.

Tried the quick dried SD from last weekend. Pretty decent smoke already, definitely got me stoned but not incapacitated.

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September 22

Rainy and shitty weather all night and today, more forecast for tomorrow. Lost a larger branch on one of the SD plants, should have spent more time tying those up before the weather came in. Removed bigger fans and hung the top bud to dry.


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September 25
More rain last night and this morning. Yard soaked but plants dried out in the wind and sun. Tied up more of BB#2 plant and the adjacent stretchy sour diesel (#2). Plants really reek. :weed:

Thought the bushy sour diesel (#5) wouldn’t need support but reconsidered today and built a bamboo tripod.
D84DD67A-1746-47EB-B3AD-06E023AA7FFC.jpeg 98177ADC-F29B-4A9A-90B7-D63D0AE8A895.jpeg
Buds getting heavy. Thought the other plants reeked until I started monkeying with this girl. Fingers sticky. Smell not fuel but definitely more sour than the Bubblelicious plants.

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September 25
BB #2 plant pics
Bud closeup

Whole plant

Sour diesel #2 plant pics

whole plant
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September 25
Sour diesel #3 plant
Several buds
Not confident this lady will make it to full ripeness before end of season but this is the one plant that might be able to be moved in/out of shed, smallest container.

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September 25
BB #8 Plant
bud pic
whole plant
This one has really stacked in the last week. Catching up to its bushier sister (#2). Branches are not as stiff on her but she rebounded from flopping over a couple of weeks ago.
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September 25
BB plant #7 clone
7B986043-03D9-439B-A7F6-F88BAD5F0126.jpegkeep forgetting about this one. Did no training on her but she’s faring pretty well. The mother I gave to a friend did not fair as well, he underfed her and got slammed with mites. If I get a harvest this one I’ll give it to him.

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Just realized that this is my journal and I can post my own random crap here as I please.

Really should have started this journal 7 months ago when I started the garden. I have a few stream of consciousness comments in the paper garden journal but my handwriting is painfully slow if I want to be able to read it later.
Probably could have refrained from soapbox’ing on a couple of other threads if I’d done the RIU grow journal earlier as a place to vent.

I like to write and sometimes it flows out of me where I’m not sure where it came from. Not a lot but now and then. Pretty productive writing on baseball (advice as a parent) and weed growing (own history mainly) this year.

I’ve been commenting on various threads recently; mainly if I have direct advice on a question. I spend a fair amount of time trying to adjust tone in posts to not be a total asshat. I know a lot but there’s a lot I don’t know.
I mainly try to be non-rigid with advice, acknowledging there is no single “right” way to grow herb but there are definite methods that have worked for me personally.
But I’ve also called out or piled-on to some bro-science nonsense threads - flushing threads and threads nonsensically arguing “genetic drift” of clones are both topics that bring out my less rigid nature.
The Chungawookie or whatever that Weird Al fat avatar dude was called a couple of weeks ago were entertaining.
Really enjoying this year’s outdoor grow.
I’m already smoking some of this years stuff. It’s way early harvested from either cleanup of lower stems (larfy) and a broken branch (top bud is decidedly un-larfy) . Only dried and no cure but I’d definitely already be happy with this years stuff if I had to chop early and harvested tomorrow. Will obviously be way happier with more ripened buds in another month if all goes well.
Early harvest broken branch top.

Gonna dry trim and roll a spliff with this broken branch early bud in a couple of days:
good times.

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September 27
Need to feed today, skipped feeding the last 5 days due to rain.

Wife smirked and asked two leading questions yesterday while examining the garden.

1) What are you going to do with all this?
2) Are you worried about how tall these are?

Answer to 1 is simple, I’m going to politely ask for trim help from her then we are going to smoke a lot of it and share a bunch of it. I did tell her it looks like harvest will be spread out - two plants are are weeks closer to finished than the others. Still not confident that they will all finish anyway…

Answer to #2 about the height hit a nerve a bit. Yes, I’m not at all thrilled with where two plants ended up after the stretch and it was grower error. Not real concerned about rippers, but wasn’t at all going for the “hey look we’re growing giant weed trees” thing.

Even with intensive training, I badly underestimated and under planned for stretch and didn’t secure the tie down supports robustly enough. Consequently, three plants are 2+ feet higher than what I’d planned. One is fine and obscured by a shed but the other two are obnoxious.

Probably gonna cap next year’s grow at 3 plants and use trellis netting to restrict canopy height.
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September 29
Pics of plants I started and gave away to a buddy.
BB plant -dying bud in front is from a branch split, not bud rot.

Sour diesel bud. He said it’s heavy like a big banana.

Trichomes closeup on a BB bud

They are doing well with their grow - it’s their first ever - but they wanted to harvest this weekend. Told them to let the girls keep riding as long as rot doesn’t set in. Nice stretch of weather forecast for the next couple of weeks but getting dew the past few nights.

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September 29
Trimmed up the now dried bud from the broken branch. A little fluffy still but smelled nice. Filled a pint mason jar.

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September 30
The other friend I gave plants to this year was not successful. They said these got infested with mites. Looking at their pic, it looks more like bud rot, but I haven’t been over to look at them closely. Regardless, both are toast >:(
very sad, they had them looking so much better in late July and were giddy with excitement.

I will be gifting some herb to them as a consolation. They had a bad year, the bong from 1999 got knocked over and shattered this year too. Oh the horror.

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October 1
Smoked a bowl of early harvest then was checking out the plants. Spotted a yellowing sugar leaf and found a small rot spot on a cola. Chopped the cola, cut around the spot, it looks localized and was not in the stem. Rinsed in H2O2 solution than cold water and hung to dry.

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October 3
Rained yesterday and today. Blew all the girls down with leaf blower after rain stopped.
Did some cleanup on Sour Diesel #5 and BB#2. Was talking to another grower yesterday who is way more aggressive with cleaning up outdoor plants toward the finish. Didn’t go as nuts as he does but airflow should be better and trimmed off a bunch of larfy stuff.
Sour diesel before and after
BB before and after
Did some cleanup on two other plants but not as much.

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October 5
Rain off and on since weekend. Visited the local smoke/head/CBD shop Saturday for a new grinder. Was hoping to find a more premium grinder in stock, but the $20 import ones he had were not terrible. The owner whipped out one he's been using for 3 years and gave a demonstration.

The owner is quite chatty and a grower. Guy is a BS'er, so I take his stories with a grain of salt, but we’ve BS’d about growing a couple times before. He has a large-ish indoor grow but dabbles with an outdoor garden for fun.

We ended up talking about our outdoor endeavors this year and comparing photos.
He is super aggressive in defoliating his plants, they all basically look like candelabras at this point. Very little vegetation left on them besides the buds and somewhere around 1-2 weeks until he plans on harvesting. Buds look nice but the plants look downright tortured.

He suggested I should do the same to all my plants, which I'm not gonna do. However, I did end up pretty heavily pruning one of my sour diesel plants Sunday. Actually ended up taking off more than I planned to address the following:
1) Get better airflow through the plant (found rot in one localized spot on Friday) - its a really bushy and lush plant.
2) Get some of the golf-ball sized lower buds out of the shade from bigger fan leaves.
3) Clean out dead leaves (there were quite a few once I got up under her canopy)
4) Knock off a bunch of the popcorn stuff that isn't going to stack much more and I won't process - I'm only after the flower.

Airflow was my biggest concern. I can see through all the other plants but this one had dense foliage and lots of decent sized buds that get little airflow. Thinking she's 2-3(ish) weeks from the start of the harvest window and we're having some cooler and wetter weather.

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October 11
Been rainy and damp for most of last week but 83 and sunny today. Found another rot spot on the SD#5 plant today. chopped that branch, cut out rot and did an H202 then cold water x 2 wash, hanging to dry now.
will keep an eye out daily. She’s not ripe yet but fingers crossed.
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October 12
Friends with their first grow found a couple spots of bud rot on their BB plant. They are going to chop tonight and wash everything on that plant. The plant could use some more time, but they’re balancing losing the whole thing with harvesting early. At least they didn’t chop super early like they wanted to 2 weeks ago.
This has me debating whether to knock down my SD#5 this weekend. Will see how she looks between now and then, have only found 2 spots so far but reports of bud rot are increasing all over the area after last week’s icky weather.

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October 13
Bud rot advancing on the SD#5 plant so made the decision to chop, wash and hang her tonight.
Post chop
Combed through the buds while removing fan leaves and chucked anything that was necrotic/brown. The bud clusters with with rot had an off smell. Probably lost about 10%, including the biggest cola. Could have saved some of it.

So far not seeing rot in the other plants.