RIP to this MaryJohn? Obligatory post for confirmation! (thank you)

A friend excitedly gave me some seeds they had saved, and I happened to have a little space in the tent, so I figured, why not? One ended up growing nicely, with a great spread, so I was excited to start seeing pistils, until these OTHER things started showing and you know that I know that you know that I know it's a Hermie, but, before I murder it, is it a Hermie?

ps: I came up with MaryJohn as a term for hermie's this morning. Feel free to use it. I suppose it works for a male, too. hm.


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Oh shoot I just saw the thing saying not to post pics with HPS on. I'm assuming that's for accuracy of color, though, and this is more about shape.
Thanks for the replies! I could use a sensible chuckle or two after that discovery. This is my first time growing indoors, and my first time running into any anamolies. Too bad. "They" made up about a third of the canopy on one side of my tent. The only consolation is that I slid a light over, and now I'm effectively at 50w/sqft :p here's a shot of what I at least believed to be lady parts? Was I wrong? The other images only showed male parts because I cropped in.