OK so how easy is it to aeroponic

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I just Brought a aeroponic cloner it's called the seahawk cloner never done cloning my self before but I know how to well the cut etc but I did a little research and thought I'd give it a go was cheap as chips really anyone got any tips on what to do after the cuttings have been put in do I mist it once a day or just leave it be I got a temperature and humidity meter as well and I have a heat mat if it gets to cold as well as a 26w floro on top 24,7 so do I need to just be patient now or what other maintenance stuffs needed


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What works for me.....
Tap water , no nutes/hormones
Pump 24/7
Light @ 16" - 20" above
No dome
No misting
70-76* target water temp

Don't mess with them
Some strains root faster than others, should see nubs In 5 -10 days

Good luck
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