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A silicone gasket. The lids come off with a woosh. Maybe not as tight as mason jars but bud stays moist in them plenty long with Boveda packs. Don't dispensaries display their wares in similar jars? I've never been to a dispensary, lol
I haven't been to one either. But I did ask a date to one, so if I don't get stood up I guess I'm popping my dispencherry...

The pictures LG posts look downright depressing for a place weed is sold


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Not in Illinois seen it out in Colorado when the wifey took me out there wish they would :hump:
Same here...The legal dispensaries don't show you squat. They have little like pill vials with a bud in it, to view, behind glass. Cant even smell it.

Now the illegal sticker stores are different. They have smaller jars with maybe an 1/8th oz in each, so you can at least see, smell, and touch.

Headache is mostly gone. The Nurtec is good shit. My dr. gave me more free samples since my insurance won't cover it. But I still don't want my eyes dialated. I'm probably going to suck it up and get it over with.

On a brighter note, my 4 x 4 tent came yesterday, and with some help I got it set up. It's another Zeny brand I got on sale for $68 with tax....a steal. Really nice tent and fits perfectly in my master plan!! I still have a lot of work to do though.


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Finally back home after screwing off at work, fun day! :cool:
Got 2 new customers tomorrow, guy has 16,000 sq ft grow area, probably at least 4x 2000 sq ft flower rooms, other has close to the same.
These are always fun, plus I get to watch the trim crews stumble in and out :eyesmoke:
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