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There used to be a beer co called Pete's wicked brew they had a strawberry blonde ale and it was delicious unfortunately it didn't taste like a blonde lol.


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First beer I've had in a couple of weeks. Local Portland brewery. It's OK and worth a try if you come across it but nothing to go out of your way for.

Ice Giant is full of fruity, citrus notes and resinous hop aromas. Fermented with lager yeast, this Cold IPA finishes crisp, clean & dry.


I'm a homebrewer which probably served somewhat as my gateway drug into growing weed. A couple years ago I stocked up on a bunch of bulk grains for whatever reason. They were getting past their prime so I put them all into a "kitchen sink" beer a couple months ago. It ended up being 9-10% ABV. To quote Dave Chapelle, "It'll get ya drunk!" On my second one of the night...generally trying to avoid getting too "crossed" these days...seems to be better to pick one intoxicant and stick with it. So anyway, cheers to all my fellow beer guzzlers. I will probably pop a homemade edible later too because I have them and why TF not you know? The self control is a work in progress I suppose.


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This one isn't bad. I'm not a big Widmer fan but I'll probably buy this again. It's good enough for addition to the rotation.

Legends speak of an emerald, misty region in the Pacific Northwest the locals call Hopcadia.

A place where giant hops grow taller than your house. It’s whispered that these cone-shaped clusters are infused with something unexplained, something extra. Maybe it’s the water, maybe the air, or could be the land itself. Whatever it is, these aromatic giants magically preserve and flavor all things in their domain, especially the beer. And when you taste the stone fruit, pine, and citrus they’re known for, you can’t help but become a true believer.

7.3% ABV
55 IBU