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  1. Taviddude

    First time grow - led and scrog

    Setup is nice, and those plants look great.
  2. Taviddude


    It was 12 sites and if I remember correctly, I had a couple runts I threw in and gave a chance making a total of 14. Back then we could not get different phenotypes of Think Different. There was only one seed available. Further work done by Dutch Passion on the strain separated the mainly sativa...
  3. Taviddude

    Outdoor grow help

    Some call-mag wouldn't hurt if the soil pH was correct. Epson salt would give Mag, and sulphur.
  4. Taviddude


    Dead thread, but I ran 12 sites with 14 plants that run. Basically grouped up a few small plants together to help keep the scrog even.
  5. Taviddude

    Bio Cozyme as stretch stopper

    PGR's... If it REALLY works.
  6. Taviddude

    adding more mycelium on already mixed monotub

    Yeah, save it as a master until you get a better one by cloning, and working it to an isolated strain/mono-colture.
  7. Taviddude

    adding more mycelium on already mixed monotub

    I wouldn't mess with the established tub. I would create another small one with the extra spawn.
  8. Taviddude

    First Timer-Jack's Classic 20-20-20 in DWC Hydroponic?

    You can use FloraNova Bloom from GH as a 1-Part, Stand Alone Nutrient from start to finish in Hydro and grow Good, Healthy Plants. That's what I was trying to get across.. Lol.
  9. Taviddude

    First Timer-Jack's Classic 20-20-20 in DWC Hydroponic?

    As long as it has all your Micro nutrients all should be good. Not TOO familiar with Jack's nowadays, but if you use the regular 20-20-20 for dirt in hydro you will most likely have to supplement with a decent micro blend at some point. What's wrong with GH- FloraNova Bloom? (Pricey?) I blew...
  10. Taviddude

    making beneficials? Mammoth P

    A microscope, some petri dishes, a sterile environment and a lot of diligence. Not really all that hard. No harder than Really Growing Mushrooms from bottom to top and being able to cross strains. Totally Doable...
  11. Taviddude

    Big enough for age?

    What's the Relative Humidity in your tent? What temps are you getting at canopy level? That's where I would start checking stuff. Did you increase watering with the larger light? Nice plants!
  12. Taviddude

    Losing a parent

    I haven't lost my parents yet, but I lost my first born baby Boy when he was 5 months old. Hardest thing I've ever been through. Hang in there. Only time helped me.
  13. Taviddude

    FastBuds Stardawg

    Amazing grow. It's awesome to see someone growing autoflowers and show what they're capable of. Seems like the light just kind of was not enough to stop that stretch, but looking at that plant, it's one hell of a scaffold for some bud!
  14. Taviddude


    I LST and SCROG them. I KNOW for a FACT I was the first to Scrog "Think Different" when everyone was trying to feed me that shit that auto's couldn't be trained. Blew that shit out of the water, and got a spot on Dutch Passion's Web Site. Scrog works better with longer growing, larger, and...
  15. Taviddude

    TGA Hydro Grow Pennywise, Mickeykush, Jillybean

    Damn, MEGA frost on that male. KILLA!
  16. Taviddude

    Dinafem strains are great!

    Critical+ 2.0 hermied on me around 5 weeks flower seeding an entire 4x8 tent of different strains. I guess I'll have plenty of hash....... I kept a couple clones before flowering it thinking I might like to keep it going. Ran those in another part of the house to see if it was possibly...
  17. Taviddude

    2200 Watt Hydroponic 4 Table Perpetual 4X8 Tent Grow

    I'm alive, all is alright. Just got my ass handed to me on this last grow. Dynafem Critical+2.0 hermied. So did both the clones I took from it just to see. I was watching them though so I caught em early. Seeded a full 4x8 tent.Should have been about 3 L's, but I'll be lucky to get 1.5...
  18. Taviddude

    tired of being a scumbag but dont know how to change....

    I'll just throw my .02 in Man. My story is pretty much the same as yours only I started my journey about 5 years ago. I was the proverbial jaggov. Hiding insecurities, and hurt behind rage, and violence. I was either homicidal, or suicidal. The times inbetween were numb. There was a time...
  19. Taviddude

    Larry OG & Agent Orange RDWC SCROG

    I'm at day 40 flower on some SharkShock CBD. Huge chunky buds. More stretch than I expected. Can't wait to sample it.
  20. Taviddude

    TGA Hydro Grow Pennywise, Mickeykush, Jillybean

    If nothing else works, Bayer Tree And Shrub would knock them fuckers out quick. It contains imidacloprid which is systemic so... Tis up to you but I've annihilated root aphids and fungus gnats QUICK with 5ml BTAS per gallon of water. Definitely not an option if your pure organic.