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  1. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    Thanks Bob, yes much better. I had 4 surgeries and a heart attack last year. I did start some Dos Si Dos and took clones from one plant. I am currently at 37 days into 12/12. Unless shit totally falls apart then I think I am going to have a successful grow again.
  2. gr865

    Drip irrigation with coco questions

    Just a point I want to make here, going Cheap will lead to headaches. Cheap pumps tends to break often, be sure and look for a timer with seconds on it. Here is the setup I use for both Coco/Perlite and modified Ebb and Flow. 12 volt RV Pump and filter 55 gallon rez, only using 30 gallon at a...
  3. gr865

    Trays for drain to waste

    Where you located I have a 4x4 tray I am not using anymore!
  4. gr865

    Drain to waste or flood and drain

    We installed the screen on 9/26 and began pulling the branches through the screen on 9/29. 9/26 9/29 Started pulling them thru the screen. 11 days later on the 10/9 Two days later, 10/11 And here they are today, switched to 12/12 flower mode yesterday 10/13. Did this with the completion of...
  5. gr865

    Drain to waste or flood and drain

    Starting to fill the screen, maybe a few days to a week before I go into flower. Still tying down and placing the branches where best utilized. Just a few more spots to fill, should have it ready soon. Can see where area needs filling Quite a number of bud sites. Decent canopy, will need a bit...
  6. gr865

    Drain to waste or flood and drain

    Transplanted the girls on 8/31, did a lite watering and the plants began to leaf hook so I am waiting until the plants pick back up before I water again. This morning while looking at the plants they have picked back up. Here they are the day after transplanting, drooping and beginning to hook...
  7. gr865

    Funfetti by Bay Exclusives

    What is your grow method? Coco D/W is my guess.
  8. gr865

    Drain to waste or flood and drain

    I agree, I don't blame the system for my problems. Just was not able to give it the attention it needed. Four surgeries, three heart related, a heart attack and a blood pressure issue. Don't want to go through that again.
  9. gr865

    Drain to waste or flood and drain

    I agree completely, just spent a year trying Ebb & Flow (flood & drain). I had many health issues this past year so can't blame my bad grows on the Ebb&Flow, but grew for many years in coco/Perlite with great success. I am going back to Coco/Perlite this grow. Once I get a stash built back up...
  10. gr865

    Ttystikk's vertical goodness

    I'm still around also!
  11. gr865

    You can find them on Sustainable Village, 1/4" Tubing...

    You can find them on Sustainable Village, 1/4" Tubing 1/4" Quick Connect Fittings w/ Stop/Plug I also use their tees and other fittings. Found them when I was trying Blu mats. They did not work for me.
  12. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    After drying, full branches on Stack-it drying screen for two weeks Then finishing trim the buds are in jars curing. Final weight going into the jars is 625 grams, 22.3 zips. Less than I expected but when the lockout started at around day 42 due to root slime and not being able to...
  13. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    Update! Day 52 of 12/12. Since my last update the slime on the roots progressed. On day 42 I pulled the plants from the tent and saw that the roots had developed more slime and it some of the branches began wilting and turning brown. I added pool shock and more Hyfroguard to no avail...
  14. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    The adventure continues! Day 38 of 12/12 Last update was a week ago so let's see where we are today. Got the EC cable for my MW 302 and all seems to working fine. Got the replacement fan and it too seems to be working fine. Noticed a little slime on the roots so after consulting with by buddy...
  15. gr865

    625w DE CMH - Auto selection

    How do you plan on watering?
  16. gr865

    Best Bud/Plant Shot Contest

    LSD @ 33 days into 12/12
  17. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    I am thinking I got the EC meter working again, we will see. Had another issue this weekend, one of my new AC Infinity 6 inch Oscillating fan. The fan started acting erratic, making noise and trying to stick when trying to reverse it course. I sent them and email and got an immediate response...
  18. gr865

    Winter 2022/23 Gro & Flo (Ebb and Flow) Run

    Been a week since the last update, things have been good. One issue arose last weekend, my EC meter probe crashed, got a new one shipped and am questioning the accuracy of the readings. The plants have been drinking about 3 gallons of nutrient solution every two days, But according to my new...
  19. gr865

    Remedies/preventing bugs eating veggies in outside vert garden

    Don't grow outside but my buddy does and he uses an organic insecticide.
  20. gr865

    For All Cap Ebb and Grow Users

    Here are a few pics of my screen. Roots in the pot. The screen in the bottom of the bucket. The screen removed from the pot. There is no roots trying to grow in the drain at all. Before I added the screen there were roots trying to grow in the drain. Bottom of the bucket with screen...