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  1. Nizza

    The Vault & Garden Of Green – 30% Off, SUPER Promo and GIVEAWAY

    #teamvault It's been a little while since I've grown some of your stuff thanks for a chance to win Good luck everyone!
  2. Nizza

    Cut Tent to Utilize Existing Split Unit A/C

    I think its going to be a huge waste of energy doing it the way you are planning. You are telling me it's 105 constant outside where you live? Closed room co2 plus dehu/humidifier isn't an option? In that case look at your house as an envelope.. do not exhaust outside but rather circulate the...
  3. Nizza

    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    that's a big light for 200$(after tax) ! I'd add on the 4 year protection just to be safe. I wonder if they'd cover it when a few diodes go on it!
  4. Nizza

    Just Bought This Yocan, Has Anyone Used This One?

    dammn got any pics of some bobs bitchen buds getting squashed? Nice setup!!
  5. Nizza

    3.19 umol/j

    If I didn't buy HLG, I would have gotten these lights! I Love GLA's products keep up the great work, if I ever upsize I'm getting some boards from you!
  6. Nizza

    How much $$$ have you spent on grow equipment?

    I want to see another list for smoking/consuming equipment haha! grinders volcanoes home made vapes and more
  7. Nizza

    Spider Farmer Giveaway-SE3000 300W LED!

    always love new lighting. Bar style looks awesome, great job and thanks for the give away chance -USA
  8. Nizza

    Growing Cannabis In Plain Sand

    bongsmilie I wonder if you flooded the sand like a flood and drain it would "fluff" better and allow the roots thru Flood to waste would be super wasteful and Flood and drain would prolly get messed up by sand ruining the pump or something. I saw a video of how fluid sand can be I thought it...
  9. Nizza

    Gorilla Seeds Support Thread

    welcome back big G!
  10. Nizza

    What causes this problem in cannabis plants??? (PICS)

    start with the basics, pH (if not in buffered soil) , adjusting PPM to suite the appetite of the plants, and the proper ratio of nutrients including micro and macro nutes I.E a complete diet runoff method is great for me in coco but in other mediums it may or may not be needed. I run multiple...
  11. Nizza


    Yeah dude there's a whole classified section now as long as you are just small time here's the post sunni made outlining how it works. It's basically all on you with the risk in trading and selling!
  12. Nizza

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Damn lol would u wanna do a trade?
  13. Nizza

    Skunk seeds just germinated from the mid 1980's - 35 years old!!!

    A word of advice, the smallest, shittiest one could be your favorite. I'd get clones of each and shelf them until you are absolutely sure which you like. Don't be afraid to take 5-10 clones of each and give them to people. Your growing style might express different terps than others, so that is...
  14. Nizza

    PVC Film vs. Painted Walls in Grow Room?

    for how thin it is, It looks like a pretty great insulator. Reflectix is just a bubble wrap but this stuff has a foam core which has very small air pockets in the foam which I saw in a picture. Pretty cool stuff! I hope they make a version for HVAC some day.. Looks like it could be pretty thin...
  15. Nizza

    Ants….. nothing working!

    to help we would need a real idea of the media/soil grown in and how you are feeding them pics help alot! I don't know if I'd advise molasses if ants were a real problem maybe some pics of the ants in question would help, corn meal seems like it would feed the ants, but I also know it is good...
  16. Nizza

    Any HVAC people. Winter time running thermostat to FAN ON mode

    Here's a pic of how I would do it (top pic return to return) but just imagine the dehumidifier is your furnace running at 10% fan speed
  17. Nizza

    Any HVAC people. Winter time running thermostat to FAN ON mode

    Wouldn't it make more sense to put two holes spaced apart directly from your tent into your hvac system so the entire thing is on your duct system? I would tie it In both on the return side with the intake farthest from the furnace and the exhaust as close to the furnace as you can on the return...
  18. Nizza

    Any HVAC people. Winter time running thermostat to FAN ON mode

    I wasn't talking about adjusting the blower heat speed, just the fan only speed. In order to adjust the blower heat speed you will need to take what is called a temperature rise reading. This is the outlet temp minus the inlet temp. This unit asks for a 20-50f temp rise so if you do adjust the...
  19. Nizza

    Any HVAC people. Winter time running thermostat to FAN ON mode

    The blower can be adjusted most of the time i just was trying to see all the specs on the unit you have, no big deal dude! much love, gotta go to sleep now (its the weekend) I install amana which is a goodman and daikin brand so i'll just have to look into how it works then I could help you. The...
  20. Nizza

    Any HVAC people. Winter time running thermostat to FAN ON mode

    show me a pic of the Primary control board also if you can it is in front of the main blower on the bottom of the furnace