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  1. Hot Diggity Sog

    Virus? Mold? Lighting problems?

    Look to PH 1st.
  2. Hot Diggity Sog

    The Best Breeder You've Never Heard Of

    Recently watched some videos on him and was fascinated too.
  3. Hot Diggity Sog

    Bruce Banner/Gelato/Northern Lighrs

    Looking great!
  4. Hot Diggity Sog

    Ready yet?

    You could pull them now and be satisified. But I would go 1 more week.
  5. Hot Diggity Sog

    Bud Rot

    Looks like it is.
  6. Hot Diggity Sog

    My friends dont want to see anymore weed pics

    Can you post a link to those plant trays please?
  7. Hot Diggity Sog

    What size pot?

    In my opinion, 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon is plenty. Flip them to 12/12 on or around day 24 counting from the day you get the seeds wet. They should be around 3 to 4 inches at that point.
  8. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hunt for a Keeper or Two

    Very nice. You remind me of...well, me. lol I'm especially impressed that your lineup is void of things such as cake, sherbet, zkittlez, etc.
  9. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 50 of 12/12 Plant health is suffering. I no longer think it has much of anything to do with my feeding strategies and I now believe it is PH related. I don't remember if I shared this information or not, but a few months ago I began messing around with building my own PH/EC...
  10. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 42 of 12/12 Increasing Mg and Ca seems to have stopped, or at least slowed, the rust spotting. I'm still seeing very dark leaves despite N being only 60 PPM. I'm not sure what Ca/Mg ratio I should be using. I've done 3 to 1 in the past and have been doing 2 to 1 this time...
  11. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 37 of 12/12 It looks like I got a little too aggressive dropping the EC - specifically with Mg and Ca. I was half way thru a rez when I noticed it so I added some Magnesium Sulfate and some Calcium Sulfate. Next rez will either be tomorrow or Thursday morning. You can see...
  12. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 32 of 12/12 I ran the last 2 reservoirs the same and mixed a new one this morning with updated levels indicated below. Still trying to dial this in just right. But all, in all, things are going great. I'm watering 4 or 5 times a day now. Running 2 dehumidifers in the...
  13. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 27 of 12/12 I think I'm going to have my hands full with these ladies. Starting to reorganize and shuffle things around. I did leave a few of the top most side branches on several of them but I could change my mind and remove those. At any rate, going great! Most recent...
  14. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 22 of 12/12 Going good. It's looking like I'm going to have quite a bit of variance in plant height. The tallest ones look like they are almost done with the stretch. And some of the shortest ones look like they might not stretch hardly at all. I'll be starting to slowly...
  15. Hot Diggity Sog

    Is senessence required for a smooth smoke?

    I agree with @Budzbuddha. While they look fantastic, they were not even close to finished. That, in and of itself, does not really explain the harshness you're describing. In my experience, almost everything takes between 75 and 90 days of 12/12 to actually finish properly.
  16. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    The ones that are droopy are always droopy. Doesnt seem to be the common droopy after the night cycle.
  17. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 18 of 12/12 I made a pretty major discovery over the last 10 days. It turns out my expensive Blue Lab PH and EC equipment are inaccurate. I started working on a new project - IoT devices for grow room management. Stuff like temp and humidity sensors. PH and EC water...
  18. Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity's Lab

    Chapter 12 - Day 11 of 12/12 Things are going well. The ladies are just starting the stretch phase. This will go on for 10 to 14 days. The last picture shows how I like to prune when encouraging one main cola.
  19. Hot Diggity Sog

    About a pound

    That is some impressive frost