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    Ready to harvest?

    Funny how people veg for so long and go the long haul and then chop early like wtf you've waited a couple month easy
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    Ready to harvest?

    About a pound
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    New grower - how does this look?

    That soil is way to wet
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    4 lights, 11 plants and an auto. Hydro.

    Looking great what do you Avg a plant?
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    Growing with LED in cold climate

    C02 in room as well with that runnin
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    Growing with LED in cold climate

    Mr buddy small heater
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    Ec rising IN RESERVOIR

    They seem really small for 4 weeks of veg.
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    How much for a pound near you?

    There 8 out here that's crazy
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    The fishing thread ( not about fish fertilizer)

    Damn man hope you make a speedy recovery!! They hit you pretty good from what is sounds like
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    mark's perpetual grow

    Easy 5 packs
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    mark's perpetual grow

    Bro everyone knows to never spray with lights on bk has always helped me out honestly and gave me rundown of that bucket system i dunno
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    mark's perpetual grow

    I would take the pic down Man he's room is clean as fuck and that bucket system is pretty bad ass honestly and pricey gets crazy weight outta few plants of dope
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    mark's perpetual grow

    @bk78 you see this guy lol
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    mark's perpetual grow

    Oh boy here we go0o0o
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    BK’s shit show

    I got over it like 10 days ago and yesterday I woke up and felt like I did a marathon my body hurts every step I take hurts its crazy
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    mark's perpetual grow

    That's a Qp lol