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  1. NurseNancy420

    Darlins' Dawgs @ Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

    ChemD(variegated) X Darlins Net (GG#4 X DMT Kush) Darlins' Dawgs These where made to help our fur children who have been lost and abandoned. The beans can only be found through Mike Diesel at the Detroit Youth & Dog rescue.. Pictures when I get enough bandwidth;(
  2. NurseNancy420

    Uncle Pete Raided

    SANE n Cheybogan county just ripped off 2 grows from one of Michigans premier oilshiners...
  3. NurseNancy420

    Ladies Night

    Did not wanna cloud up the Genotype thread. This is just a list of Ladies the Holistic Ladies are playing with this week.. Apollo 13 (brothers Grimm) Bright Moments (Frost boss pheno) Chaos (Seedpac gg4 cross) Chernobyl - teen and clone Chuckys Bride (eskobar seeds)(Cinderella 99 X exodus...
  4. NurseNancy420

    Congratulations Gladstoned !!!!!

    Well folks our own Gladstone is a Proud Papa of a handsome little boy!!!! Congratulations to the both of ya Now Glad is officially a Breeder
  5. NurseNancy420

    Maria Green for Congress 8th district..Broadicea.... Wanna make a difference? Help this Lady get to Washington.. For those of you who don't know this is Free Bree's loving mother..more to follow
  6. NurseNancy420

    GG Strains Co-lab for the 2016 Michigan HTCC

    We would like to welcome GGStrains to the Clan. They have asked seedpac and our brothers and sisters if we could help Gorilla Glue Strains make a little noise at the Michigan Cup in 2016. We of course said yes. Keep tagged up to our Familia: Ninefold genetics Greatlakes genetics Vechicle City...
  7. NurseNancy420

    Greatlakes Genetics hospitality center.. High Times 2015

    Drabboatjeffy and Greatlakes genetics are providing a unique addition to the High Times cup this year. A hospitality center right at the entrance of the Cup. Jeff wanted a cool place to enjoy the company of his friends and customers so we are building one. Several tents worth of Party...
  8. NurseNancy420

    Ostego co raids Ain't over till it's over
  9. NurseNancy420

    Tamisium snitches

    Goin Viral
  10. NurseNancy420

    C2.. Counter Culture at Cobo Hall

    It's gonna be BIG
  11. NurseNancy420


    Chaos Theory - when no conventional means present themselves, Chaos finds a way
  12. NurseNancy420

    MoTown Farmers Market Motown Farmers was enough of a success to make it a monthly event. Time is 1-6..February 28th Even tho I was late and just forced to wander the mean streets of Detroit alone.. I did manage to score a couple viles of pure thc extracts..
  13. NurseNancy420

    Patrick Groulx for Governor ???

    Not Without Your Help. Seedpac Supports Mr Groulx... And gave him his first medical massage...
  14. NurseNancy420

    Our children not allowed to use the PUBLIC restroom at Wexford county courthouse

    Title says it all. At the little very civil protest today. A mother and her cute little toddlers where denied use of the public restroom. As if the metal detector and fat fuck cop whernt enough to make u feel welcome n wanted.... Blast this shit everywhere guys... Where's our civil liberties ???
  15. NurseNancy420

    Why not to 'comply'. Or 'shit I trusted a snake again '.

    Quick little story for those who still think LEO is your friend. A Donor grower to seedpac, one who volunteered to grow our CBD strains in a green house, allowed the state police to 'inspect' his home and grow. Everything was perfect. No suprise as this gentleman is not your typical grower. A...
  16. NurseNancy420

    Protest planned august 14

    Thursday the 14th there is a protest planned for the Wexford county courthouse. That's where Tony Badovinic chose to shut down the local provisioning centers to make his bit for judgeship. An organizational meeting of seedpac will follow at Best Caddillac Provisions.
  17. NurseNancy420

    Harvest Cup... Michigan Style

    Thought this would be a good time to mention that some of the members are planning a secret cup {sssshhhh don't tell anyone} around the end o October. No discussions that violate riu tou will be answered by me. Monthly organizational meetings will be mobile and to b announced. Pot Luck of course.
  18. NurseNancy420

    A Tale of Two Counties

    On a dark and frozen evening...... My friends Cannatonic #4 plant was being stolen by a heroin addict. After being told by police repeatedly police that he was on his own, he pursued .People n things got bent n broken in two counties. Now law enforcement has something they have been trained...
  19. NurseNancy420

    Constitutional Amendment Time

    Ok smart people. In 25-30 words write a constitutional amendment that ends this war on us. We need government out of our gardens.... We the people of the state of ........... Know cannabis to be a benificial plant and it shall be regulated no differently than any other beneficial plant...
  20. NurseNancy420

    Gorilla Glue #4 Wins the High Times LA Cup

    Congratulations to the ones who made this happen. Now let's see how she does here in the Great Lake state