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  1. injinji

    After action report on use of loitering munitions

    We all know what loitering munitions are capable of doing when the right weapon system is used in the right situation. The fact they can hang around until the kill shot is a game changer. Wiki wiki says A loitering munition (also known as a suicide drone[1][2][3][4] or kamikaze drone[5][6][7])...
  2. injinji

    Trying to reason with hurricane season

    We are up to 57 days between named storms. Third place in the record books for longest breaks between storms. Just a few days away from 2nd place. It looks like that is about to change. But it's going to miss me by a long shot. We have only had one small hurricane since Michael. Fred I thing it...
  3. injinji

    the big log

    For some reason I always thought this was the firm.
  4. injinji

    F1's new ground effect era. Back to the future?

    Some of the have nots have moved up the grid, while Lewis languishes in the rear. How long will it take the Silver Arrows to put the porpoises behind them? The red flags pushed the end of quali past my recording window, so I had to look online to see who got the pole.
  5. injinji

    2022 in Memoria

    My least favorite music thread.
  6. injinji

    Nuts and bolts

    I've been watching quite a few of these equipment videos. I figure others might enjoy them too.
  7. injinji

    Provide for the common defense

    The big three entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid make up the bulk of the budget. 23% for Social Security, 25% for Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP and ACA. That leaves a measly 16% ($697 billion in 2019) for Defense. With the wars winding down, will that number come down? Odds...
  8. injinji

    Current climatic conditions

    We had a huge thunderstorm roll through earlier. At present there is light rain, 74F with 95% humidity. Forecast low of 72F with 60% chance of rain tonight. Mainly just waiting on Fred to see what he leaves us.
  9. injinji

    OK. Pop

    Love it or hate it, there is no hiding from it. Popular music is everywhere. The other day I heard John Mayer on the damn gas pump. It's so bad I had to post this thread just to get it out of my head.
  10. injinji

    Garden Weather

    Good Morning folks. I'm having a hell of a time with my garden and this everyday rain. There isn't huge amounts. Today's rain has been 0.8 inches so far. And for a few days there were only light rain. I'm picking my tomatoes as soon as they show color or they split. Sometimes they split anyway...
  11. injinji


    Lots of folks made music with their friends. Here are a few.
  12. injinji

    rappels graphiques

    J'ai eu un peu de mal avec ma mémoire ces derniers temps. Que disent-ils? Une image vaut mieux que mille mots.
  13. injinji

    Examples of GOP Leadership

    As we all know, there is a civil war going on within the GOP. I want to highlight the different approaches they are using to serve their constituents. Here is an example from Texas dealing with the winter weather.
  14. injinji

    Political Satire

    Since the Colbert Report is off the air there is a lack of good satirical content available. Once in a while, these guys are not too bad.
  15. injinji

    Public servants complicit in Capitol riots

    So far only a handful of cops and firefighters have been named as being present, but in the days to come, it is sure to increase. The blue line flags were out in force.
  16. injinji

    All that Jazz

    I'm not very knowledgeable, but listen to jazz way more than any other form of music, due to my local npr station switching from blues to jazz, and my deep contempt for commercial radio. Folks with more experience than me are welcome to join in.
  17. injinji

    The Donald went down to Georgia

    The Donald went down to Georgia He was looking for a race to steal He was in a bind because he was way behind He was willing to make a deal When he came across this young man working a Dominion Voting machine and playin it hot And the Donald sat upon a hickory stump and said, "Boy, let me tell...
  18. injinji

    Thanks 45

    The prez paid $3M for recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties, the two largest Democratic counties in Wisconsin, but the recount ended up increasing Biden’s lead by 74 votes. So the new Joe votes only cost $40,540.54 per vote. Well done to all the poor people giving their money to the "legal...
  19. injinji

    A late night look at the news

    Many folks get their news from the late night shows these days. Here's a look at who's saying what. . . . .