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    Intensive tomato training techniques bolster argument for lollypopping and defoliation

    I was just doing some research on intensive tomato planting, and found that they are employing some of the techniques that are heavily debated in cannabis cultivation. They major analogy starts at 4:45, but the whole video is fascinating and relevant.
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    RIP to this MaryJohn? Obligatory post for confirmation! (thank you)

    A friend excitedly gave me some seeds they had saved, and I happened to have a little space in the tent, so I figured, why not? One ended up growing nicely, with a great spread, so I was excited to start seeing pistils, until these OTHER things started showing and you know that I know that you...
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    WARNING place ACINFINTY sensor at least 6' from 600+ watt ballasts

    TL;DR: If your ballast is too close to your ACINFINITY temperature/humidity probe, it can stop working, i.e. your tent will overheat and be soaked. This thing has been a godsend for my grow, and I highly recommend it, but don't keep the probe within five feet of your ballasts. *added vague...
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    Bud sites turning purple; Dry; Tasteless buds result

    So this is a problem I've seen many times on my uncle's plants, but always thought it must be something obvious, since I grew twice with no issues, but now it got me. A couple of weeks before flowering, stems and leaves near the bud sites develope purple spot/streaks. The area of the plant takes...