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  1. CashCrops

    Chicago Customs seed removal.

    Hello RIU. I have a question for you. Has anyone recently had their seeds confiscated from any US Customs agents? I ask this more specific the "Chicago customs" but any will do. I have reached out to Shane Pennington Lawyer who asked me this: Hey there (Redacted), The fact that the seeds are...
  2. CashCrops

    Catarac Kush (Barneys Farm) and Candy Fuel outdoor 2022

    Its been about 10 years since ive been active here, thought Id throw a little journal together for my current grow. Catarac is from Barneys and the Candy Fuel is a 4 year project that ive been working on. I put them out side June 30th all around 6 inches. Some of them were just brought out early...
  3. CashCrops

    Federal ban on medical marijuana ended, quietly ofc

    Over the weekend our useless gov got sneaky and well.... Also: "This is a victory for so many," said the measure's coauthor, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa.
  4. CashCrops

    Good ole Chicago sorting facility!

    So I ordered some customs lugs for a set of wheels on a car I'm building and the package has been sitting at our best friends the Chicago sorting facility for three weeks now, so now I'm on their "Hold and open every package this guy orders" list, lovely! Anyone else find that after getting...
  5. CashCrops

    Swords, knives and all things metal

    So this is the sword I purchased from, It appears to be folded and I have used it against crappy 440 stainless swords and it hasn't been dented in any way. Usually cheap made swords will have zero strength if used against other metals but this sword has held it's own for being a cheapo
  6. CashCrops

    CIA emails for reading enjoyment :D

    Going through them now, pretty boring so far but I figured someone here might like to read
  7. CashCrops

    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Win Battle Against Federal Crackdown

    Normally I can't stand the Huff or Washington post but: Maybe there's hope
  8. CashCrops

    Outdoor buds no resin on top?

    Hey just wondering if you guys have had this happen where the top buds have no resin what so ever and the bottom buds do? First two are a Sour D and the next one that has half resin on top and none on the bottom is a GDP. They don't get full light for 12hrs and I'm guessing that's why but...
  9. CashCrops

    The touchy subject of politics and weed, more garbage!

    The huffington (which is mostly garbage anyway) has posted this today: There goal: Is not Legalization but extreme REGULATION. Which means no more farmers markets, no more sercet...
  10. CashCrops

    Kind Green Seeds, anyone?

    Wondering if anyone has used them with success?
  11. CashCrops

    Vietnamese Black

    Anyone growing this?
  12. CashCrops

    DEA makes up the rules and ofc will not live by them

    Just another F-you to American's:
  13. CashCrops

    Were all Sh#ting gold bricks, well sort of :D

    Just when I thought I have seen it all...This is going to have people trying to filter and process their own poo:
  14. CashCrops

    Why you shouldn't go public with any MJ business, not yet anyway

    These are a few examples, the newest is the TV anchor in Alaska who quit on air: This guy asked for it(hashbartv venice beach): Matt shotwell, charges were dropped but he post everything...
  15. CashCrops

    Cheap mini cloner

    So I have been wanting to make one of these for some time now. Simple, cheap an effective...Or at least I hope. Drill with Christmas tree bit Plastic container from kirkland with a top from another plastic container Black spray paint Air stone and pump water cloning nutrient clones I decided...
  16. CashCrops

    Motarebel seeds thread

    Please show and tell, I'm not running any at the moment but feel free to post what you are.
  17. CashCrops

    Lets see how many fed led arrests happen after this....?

    Well they say they are finally letting go, just like the current president so called did. In this article which was quietly, well OK not announced at all that they are leaving medical states alone: We'll see
  18. CashCrops

    EAT IT Bahrman!

    Haha, bet she's madder then a wet hornet...
  19. CashCrops

    Auction anyone?

  20. CashCrops

    Nice & Fat outdoor grow for 2014

    Well I kept this secret as long as I could as far as posting anything about it. I decided to grow some of the Nice & Fat seeds outdoors. I grabbed some pics today and I'll post more when they are done. For those unfamiliar with this strain it goes like this: Fat Purple male x Purple Mr.Nice Fem...