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  1. fattiemcnuggins


    what are whole oz's of bho going for these days? it's been a little while but i used to get around 5. yeah yeah quality etc. let's say it is %100 indoor nug run. i usually lean towards a more buddery sap (sappy budder) just bc that is what patients request, easier to work with.
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    Who does renewals these days?

    My card is/was lapsed, who does good renewals these days? Jackson area preferred but will travel to Ann arbor if i have to. I have had a terrible time finding primary care physician who is 'cool'. I have bunch of old paperwork and hard cards and such
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    just came home to a house full of water. pipe burst while I was out. fuck fuck fuck. just needed to rant
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    Iron Labs

    Who is the best one to get ahold of for membership info and about what do their prices run? Howard or Rob? I know it was mentioned before somewhere but I can't find it. bongsmilie
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    Reggae Seeds-what's the word?

    I remember the big high times article awhile back. they were supposed to have some high CBD stuff. anyone tried them?
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    Frostquest 2013

    The Mi subforum has been wierding me out lately so I'll try posting my new pics over here. Make some less wierd friendlies maybe. True Living Organics + No Till + A couple secrets;-) G.G.S.t.Sweet ThaiGrape Goo Bubblegum Sour Apple Pics of some Michigan originals soon!
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    Nordle, Yummy

    Babies poppin errwhere
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    Anyone going to the next one? Rumored to be smoker friendly.
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    Dog can't get right

    Anyone got any tips for dealing with a stubborn beagle? I know maybe this isn't the right website but you guys are generally smarter than the pc public. I wouldn't give him to my worst enemy at this point...can't housebreak him. He has about another week to get it together. Had him for a couple...
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    Connaisseur genetics-Og Jones, Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

    Got a present from Lachrel today. Gonna journal em up. In cubes now. I'll try for bi-weekly updates so it isn't boring but still journaly
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    My Own Thread

    I have alot of cool stuff coming up and I will try to keep getting better at the whole camera thing so I am going to start keeping my pics here. Thanks for looking!
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    Alphakronik MI Rep

    Is there really one? Or is it just a scam? Tried to contact him with no response.
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    safer's end all..

    Killed the shit out of my plants. Just a heads up to anyone who is thinking of using it...I have a couple that didn't get sprayed but I'm 99% sure I have aphids again. They just miraculously appeared out of nowhere. FML.
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    giver of care

    It looks like financially I won't be able to put together a decent grow for awhile. Gonna do my nest with what I have for now but anyway, it's been 3 months since I had a harvest and tbh I used most of it to pay my bills. We can't afford dispensary prices anymore, so I was wondering if anyone...
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    10 pack of homeless beans headlites. First person to Pm can have em. Was gonna wait until i ran into someone that needed them but I dont really talk to anyone that grows anymore.
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    2400 watt perpetual- let it begin

    Not an expert but going to try a proper journal. More for my own records than anything. Started a ndoor grow about 4 years ago and scrapped it from paranoia. Did an outdoor grow after that. Got my card and started growing indoors a year and a half ago. Slowly been upgrading. I always get...
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    Snoop Dogg Power Kush

    Anyone growing it? Yes it is a real strain. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with it.
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    Hash Pics

    Post your hash pics.
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    Jc3 Jackson...

    If anyone is considering going there do yourself a favor and just don't. they are a registered TGA vendor which is the only reason I went there. I have a member card from a long time ago along with mine and the old ladies paperwork and money order reciepts. Made a special trip out there and come...
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    How to get NOT HIGH from Cannabis but Relieve Pain?

    I have a mother with rheumatoid arthritis as well as residual pain from a near fatal car accident, diabetes, dysthymia and heart problems. Now she is not open to smoking or vaporizing or edibles. or the idea of being high in general. But she is also to the point where she has talked about going...