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    Why clear alcohol for tincture?

    I recommend the cold wash tincture. Freeze your decarbed weed and 190 proof everclear overnight. Mix together and shake it, let it soak for 20 minutes, strain it. I do a couple of washes like that then let it evaporate down to a third of what it was. Makes a potent, mild tasting amber tincture...
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    5 gallon self wicking and monster cropping experiment

    I tried a couple of these on a pepper and a tomato plant first. They are flourishing so I took the plunge and transplanted 4 plants into their own self wicking buckets. With the exception of the grandaddy purple they love 'em so far. I think the GDP is getting too much water, leaves are canoing...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    I'm trying out some seeds from North Atlantic Seed Company. For starters I got some Tastebudz Back to the future 2 [gorilla glue x alien tahoe og]. Sounded interesting. I am on a strict budget so the white label grandaddy purple fast and some kosher kush appealed. For freebees they sent me some...
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    The Old school Oaxacan

    We used to get a lot of Oaxacan back in the late 70's early 80's. It always came in a bundle, the buds were usually a foot long or longer. I have it from good authority that Willies smoke of choice back then was red haired Oaxacan. It had a piney taste and a wonderful trippy high.
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    What's "THE ONE" strain for you so far???

    Kosher Kush, tastes great, potent and makes a nice bushy high yielding plant.
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    What's "THE ONE" strain for you so far???

    I remember shaving some black pakistan hash into slivers and loading it into a filter tip cigarette, mostly tobacco. Then when the no smoking light went out in the airplane[I know right!] I fired it up with no one the wiser except my uncle when he picked me up at the airport. " Jesus you're...
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    2x4 grow: greenlit by wife, ready to spend some money!

    Sounds like a bad bearing, send it back.
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    Why do so many people struggle to grow auto flowers?

    Thought I'd share the results of my experiment. Well actually not so much an experiment as I ran out of weed and money so I chopped the ripest looking bud on my autoflower at 7 weeks. I'm sure most people can relate. Fast dried it in 4 days, made a very tight dense bud. Looked just like...
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    Why do so many people struggle to grow auto flowers?

    I think it is a strain thing, probably the ruderalis taking over. There are some autos that should almost be considered a novelty item. I grew some cream freebies that started flowering at 18 days and were done after 85, all 7 grams worth. Grew 'em 3 separate times, they all came out the same...
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    Methods of tying down with fabric pots?

    I used ACI bags that had grommets built in.
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    2x4 grow: greenlit by wife, ready to spend some money!

    I'm using the pro-mix premium potting soil in the 2 cubic ft brick. Walmart has it.
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    2x4 grow: greenlit by wife, ready to spend some money!

    I have a 3x3 ACI tent and a 4" ACI exhaust fan. I have had the tent a couple of years now. On retrospect these are the things I would do different. I would not do a 3x3 again, the cheap light options are better for a 2x4. As others have noted it needs to be at least 6 ft high. I would...
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    Mar- A Lago raided FBI Warrants

    I don't know why everyone's so pissed off. He was just collecting some souvenirs, kind of like taking a pen or an ashtray. They were planning on doing some scrap-booking. Maybe later we might even do some trading with fellow ex heads of state, like baseball cards or marbles only with nuclear...
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    Mar- A Lago raided FBI Warrants

    How soon before trumpy claims "I don't even know where Mar A Lago is, I may have played golf there a couple of times is all"
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    Mar- A Lago raided FBI Warrants

    The FBI agents were just tourists out seeing the sights.
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    Looking for first hand experience with ac infinity products

    I have a 3x3 tent, 4" exhaust fan and some fabric pots from AC Infinity. The tent has some minor pin hole leaks around the zipper but not enough to keep plants from flowering. So far I've done 3 runs and all started flowering 7 days from flip with no issues. Tent is holding up nicely after 2...
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    Help with Ec pen

    Can I use it to hold a door open? My garage door automatically closes, a nuisance when you're bringing in groceries.
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    The Pro Miracle Gro Group

    I have used miracle grow and got decent results. I have also used black gold, ocean forest, miracle grow organic and mixed up my own with Bruce Bugbees recipe. All worked ok. The bagged soil all had gnats. You really don't want gnats. The little devils are difficult to eradicate and will affect...
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    Do you smoke the night before you work?

    Retired now but when I worked I never got high on the job. I was the supervisor so it was imperative I keep a clear head, we had some pretty expensive parts, a fuck up could cost us 10's of thousands of dollars and weeks waiting for a replacement casting. So I had to be the adult in the room...