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    5 gallon self wicking and monster cropping experiment

    I tried a couple of these on a pepper and a tomato plant first. They are flourishing so I took the plunge and transplanted 4 plants into their own self wicking buckets. With the exception of the grandaddy purple they love 'em so far. I think the GDP is getting too much water, leaves are canoing...
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    Top 'em or let 'em go

    I have 2 godfather og's and a kosher kush. They are right at 1 month old.These are some very bushy plants already, I'm wondering if I should just let them do their thing and not top at all. That's a Haze auto in the background it's 5 weeks old if anybody was wondering. Oh if you think cannabis...
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    Karma called

    Karma called, she says" LA OWWWWWWNs you Rodgers"
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    Starting to flower?

    Is this considered flowering or just showing her sex? Auto that sprouted 18 days ago.I was going to top it but if it's already started to flower never mind.
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    Top before transplanting?

    I have a couple of seedlings 2 weeks old. Looks like it's about time to top them. Will it hurt them to top before I transplant? Roots are not that developed yet.
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    11 weeks into flower

    Godfather OG 11 weeks into flower, a couple more weeks I'm thinking. I have started the next grow and am wondering how long I can leave the seedlings under the 12-12 light cycle. A couple more weeks at 12-12 won't hurt the seedings will it? What about 3 weeks, that would put the GOG at 14 weeks...
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    Leaf tips turning yellow

    My Kosher Kush is having issues, actually all my plants are doing the same thing. New leaf tips are turning yellow and some of the older leaves are getting brown spots. 3 gallon pot, straight fox farms ocean forest soil with no amendments, water when pot is dry and light with tap water aprox...
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    Deathstar Auto and Fast Critical Auto in B. Bugbee soil mix

    Started one of each in the B. Bugbee soil mix-50/50 peat and vermiculite + 40 grams of dolomitic lime + 10 grams of gypsum pellets. Watering with 1/4 tsp Jacks 20-10-20 cirtus feed per gallon of water. EC reading 1.3. Watering/feeding when plants are dry and light then soaking until we get good...