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  1. DrDukePHD

    Any idea what this is?

    Edit - *Solved: Sunflower*
  2. DrDukePHD

    Will overwatered damage plants recover?

    2 out of 4 of my plants were damaged from overwatering. All the classic signs, leaves curled under & discoloration. My first time overwatering lol I'm about to transplant the healthy plants, should I bother transplanting the overwatered ones? Will they usually bounce back? Or should I just...
  3. DrDukePHD

    Is this discoloration normal?

    Seems to be pretty uniformly on all of my plants the Stem discoloration. One plant (back left) seemed droopy this morning, so that's the only reason I even noticed. 12 day old seedlings (NL #1) :-) Lots of pictures, what do ya think?
  4. DrDukePHD

    Neem Spray vs Concentrate

    Can you spray this spray bottle "ready to use" neem stuff right on top of your soil for IPM, or does it need to be diluted? I've seen people saying dilute but is that for concentrates of neem? Thanks!
  5. DrDukePHD

    Air Filtering systems. What do you use & when?

    I've been gifted this $699 tower monstrosity (iAdaptAir) with UV lamp. Supposedly it stops or kills mold/pathogens & bacteria. Oh even viruses to 0.3micron (suuure). Now the filters are $125, crazy. So I only plan on using it in my grow room occasionally or when its most needed. If that's...
  6. DrDukePHD

    Mount for Clip-On fan?

    Alright so my clip-on fans are causing seams to rip on corner of tent. The tiny amount of pressure is too much for my $180 tent, haha. Anyone here devised a homemade "mount" that keeps the clip/pressure off your Mylar? I'd rather not spend $25 on etsy for some 3d printed junk plastic.
  7. DrDukePHD

    Dukes - (Mars Hydro FC4800) July 22' grow *NL1*

    New grow with my Mars Hydro FC4800 (480w) light. In a 4x4 tent, FFOF soil, dry ammendments to come later. All organic. *Everyone feel free to reply in here!* Strain: Northern Lights #1 (regular/photo) 7/9/2023 Today I am germinating 5 seeds, super excited to get started using everything i...
  8. DrDukePHD

    Am i looking at a herm?

    I only see this on one flower branch out of 10...$%&@! The one female left lol
  9. DrDukePHD

    Cords laying on top of lights, problem?

    I'm just curious if the power cords etc. laying/leaning on a light could be an issue? I haven't really seen it discussed before. Is my current setup a problem? Whats your protocol?
  10. DrDukePHD

    Proper clip-on-fan placement?

    I only have one plant left right now in a 4x4. I have a single 6" hurricane clip-on fan clipped to a t-bar on the ceiling, way up above my light. It's set on 1 (out of 2) & pointed downward at the plant... creating a constant gentle breeze on plant. What is your preferred placement area & do...
  11. DrDukePHD

    What is your IDEAL temperature range.

    In a grow tent, LED, without co2. I've seen those on here that say 75-80F, 77-81F, 80-85F. Opinion seems to vary wildly. If you could control your temperature perfectly whats your ideal # during daytime & nighttime. Flower vs Veg difference? Side note: Ideal humidity?
  12. DrDukePHD

    Which tape sticks to grow tents?

    I got 300 holes to cover & Duct won't stick. Whatcha got for a brother? <3
  13. DrDukePHD

    Light intensity @start of Flower? +sex

    Just flipped my plants last night, light (FC4800) has been at 12-15" & 50% dimming for the past 2 weeks. Time to crank up the light slowly? * Side note, how many days till i can reliably determine sex? While i got you here... Plant #1 *********** Plant #2 *********** Plant #3 **********...
  14. DrDukePHD

    Best practices to block light for 12/12 cycle?

    Ok so I've got a leaky tent & 2 windows I need to seal up. The blue painters tape was my first pathetic attempt. Whats the easiest way to block all the light from these windows, especially the venting window? Is there some cheap material i can just tape over the entire big window? The vent...
  15. DrDukePHD

    Any idea what this is? Holes & discoloration

    Day #36 veg Medium: FFOF Nutes: Nothing yet IPM: Microbe Lift-BMC Found these holes on the very top of my new growth on plants #1 & #2. Can a light too close do this? Third picture is from plant #3, apparent discoloration.
  16. DrDukePHD

    Is this a fungus gnat?

    That little f*&$er lol
  17. DrDukePHD

    Pest prevention protocol for NEW equip?

    I just had some plastic plant risers shipped from a big hydro shop. I thought to myself, what if someone with an infestation of thrips/mites returned these last week? I opened the box in garage, immediately took the risers into the bathroom where I sprayed them down completely with 70%...
  18. DrDukePHD

    Lets talk Optics (magnifying)!

    My camera phone isn't macro, or very good. So First I got a $14.99 Jewelers Loupe (fyi, its TERRIBLE & hard to focus) I looked at magnifying glasses, lots of negative reviews. People say the 30x magnifying...
  19. DrDukePHD

    30 Days woo!! What's next?

    So my first plants survived 30 days, pretty stoked. I just topped (3) of them & FIM'd (1) yesterday. So whats next, another month of veg? Also, the leaves crawling down/out of the container, prune em or let them go crazy? When I finally find out which ones are males, I think i'll cry when...
  20. DrDukePHD

    How DRY do I want my pot before watering?

    So I'm at day #27... & 4 days since i last watered. The pot is certainly light, the soil however has a little moisture left in it. I can stick a finger straight into it & pull it out without anything stuck to it. Upon squeezing the soil just below surface, i can tell it has SOME moisture. Am I...