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  1. Cory and trevor

    Fat Marty's cheese f2???

    I had this from seed for years then had to shut down temporarily...and y'all know the story. My boy didn't do what he said and it's now lost. If anyone has this strain I'd be very grateful, and willing to express that gratitude in many ways, if I could get a cut. Aware it's a long shot, check...
  2. Cory and trevor


    I been out the game for a long while now, I remember being able to get any clone thru farm markets all around Jackson but now that the corporate takeover is complete what are you guys doing about genetics? About to get back into it and don't want to sift 100 or so seeds to get some good ones...
  3. Cory and trevor

    Dr. Kevorkian

    On a long....long shot, does anyone have this strain? Post the nostalgia if you don't have but remember her fondly.
  4. Cory and trevor

    sativa strains, have you grown....

    So I'm weighing three strains from seed to get try and get a racing sweat-inducing mind blowing sative. The list: Durban poison by Dutch passion Kali mist by serious seeds Amnesia haze by Barnes farm Train wreck by greenhouse I've done some online checking for bean availability, seems I can...
  5. Cory and trevor

    any jc3 members on here?

    I'm going to join up shortly, was wondering if I'd meet any riu members there.
  6. Cory and trevor

    Durban poison???

    So I got some amazing Durban at tree city collective a long time back. I was wondering g if anyone knew the best source for Durban seeds? I'm looming for the panic level sativa, flowering time means nothing, price means very little. Thanks in advance.
  7. Cory and trevor

    squamous cell carcinoma head and neck stage 4

    I have a relative who recently was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma. Does anyone have any experience in treating this with simpson oil? I'm using my acid strain and making oil with 99% Iso. I've read both oral and topical use and wonder what way is best. He has had a large...
  8. Cory and trevor

    any current or past provision center owners

    I have high hopes for the upcoming bill to legalize provision centers. I'm looking for anyone willing to share info and experience on opening a center. It's my hope to open a small center in or near jackson. I've read the bill many times and feel I understand it pretty well. Thanks in...
  9. Cory and trevor

    news on the new house bill?

    MMM Reports lame duck article is the last I read, has anyone heard more about the possibility of a Senate vote?
  10. Cory and trevor

    doctor near albion

    Got a patient that recently lost insurance. Wondering if anyone has a doc near her, her primary physician now is not her doc due to the insurance thing so she is noid about the paper mills at the triple M conferences. Looking for a low profile doc with a regular type practice if possible but...
  11. Cory and trevor

    grow software????

    Anyone use any apps or software to record data in their grow? I have a kindle fire but haven't looked at the grow apps if they exist. Surely ipad has something as well.:joint:
  12. Cory and trevor

    any home brewers in this forum?

    got a novelty kit, little one gallon job and just bottled my first IPA. it was fun, I'll do it again and upgrade equipment. Next time I plan to steep with some stems maybe some popcorn something with terpenes in it. so many possibilities to combine hobbies....:leaf:
  13. Cory and trevor

    sourcing 99% iso and 5 micron bags in jackson

    Anyone? I find tiny bottles of 91 all over, no 99..... I know its there I just can't find it.
  14. Cory and trevor

    do your kids watch you take aspirin?

    I don't hide that, and I don't hide medical marijuana. I don't see why I would but I DO see lots of videos and posts about how damaging everyone thinks this medical treatment is for kids to see or partake in. I wonder how those of you with kids treat your usage? I follow the laws but I don't...
  15. Cory and trevor

    best cannabis treatment with chemo

    Aunt is stage 3, lymph nodes, liver lung etc. wondering what anyone with experience has to say about coupling cannabis treatment with aggressive chemo. THC, CBD a combo oil smoke vapor... thanks ahead
  16. Cory and trevor

    Any hospital employees, especially Allegiance??? DRUG TEST QUESTION!!!!!

    I'm finishing up my phlebotomy cert and since its been 5 or 6 years since I had to fool the whizz quiz I thought I'd ask the homies on RIU what's the standard and how do you beat them? I'm not a cheap dude, I want to buy a product not hear about drinking pickle juice or cert-o or niacin or some...
  17. Cory and trevor

    bodhi skunk 91????

    Anyone got this? got a patient who is all in love with the description and has been looking for "that old school dead by the side of the road skunk shit for REEEEEEEL" and the description on seed depot has him all boners and smiles.bongsmilie
  18. Cory and trevor

    Pure michigan genetics test grow tupac

    It's a LA con x G-13. A bad motherfucking G with LA mixed in there too. I hope to get a perfect 50/50 to back cross with the LA high and G structure. I also am testing the in-bag germination system LOL. I'll call it green recycling if it works. Don't know how to embed vids of I'd do it. so...
  19. Cory and trevor

    what do you guys think i should, if anything

    I was running yesterday in my rural hood in jackson and noticed a smell. Love that smell, you know that smell. So I look around and right away see where the smell is coming from. This guy/girl has their grow in the side yard in full view from the road. It's enclosed...but not legally as I...
  20. Cory and trevor

    someone's purple pajama's?????

    I was at the convention in A2 last weekend and a guy was saying he had a heritage strain that he would hook us up with and I'm struggling to remember the name. Anyone know of a strain name from Michigan that is ___________'s purple pajamas? I laughed so hard (very high) I forgot the whole name...