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  1. Goodshit97

    What you guys think ik what some of you going to say about the two plants in one bucket I have grow and successfully accomplished that more then 10 tm

    Yo is this a hyper tough 3 way work light??? What were you even thinking? Anything at all?
  2. Goodshit97

    What Are You Listening To?

  3. Goodshit97

    What Are You Listening To?

  4. Goodshit97

    All of my plants keep yellowing. *****I can not figure this out

    Top up those empty ass pots with some decent soil other than Miracle-Gro
  5. Goodshit97

    New grower bud ID

  6. Goodshit97

    New grower bud ID

    I just looked them up myself cause i was curious lol, definitely springtails.
  7. Goodshit97

    New grower bud ID

    Looks like root aphids to me, but i would wait for someone with more experience to chime in.
  8. Goodshit97

    Male or female ?

    Holy balls.
  9. Goodshit97

    Trichomes won't form?!?

    Why are so many people bumping up threads from 10-15 years ago like it still matters
  10. Goodshit97

    The "stretch"

    All thats going to do is cause yourself issues. Just veg out this said "monster" plant.
  11. Goodshit97

    Harvest and days

    No one has an answer for you.
  12. Goodshit97

    Harvest and days

    Re read my last post and try again dude. What the hell
  13. Goodshit97

    Harvest and days

    Its not just a "this plant will mature in 765 hours, 12 minutes and 42 seconds exactly, and yeild 266 grams of bud and 78 grams of larf" Thats not how this shit works dude..... smfh.
  14. Goodshit97

    Harvest and days

    Are you dumb? Im not at all trying to be a dick, but like c'mon...... **troll alert**
  15. Goodshit97

    Think I have mold in stored buds [pics from microscope]

    Wheres the weed? I just see leaves and stems.
  16. Goodshit97

    Should i harvest now?

    Grab the wrong pipe pal? Sheesh. The number of curse words you used just shows the lack of education you have. Go back to school, and then come here and try again.
  17. Goodshit97

    Harvest time!

    Chop chop. Looks really good.