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  1. Bucsfan80


    I had a disaster strike late last night. I'm glad I was in there when It happen or it would have been a lost cause. I have strings and pipe cleaners all over to hold branches up and some how a main support came loose and by the time all said a done the hole thing was bent over 95% of the...
  2. Bucsfan80

    Question about perpetual

    I've seen people say they run the same EC start to finish. So im wondering if anyone runs gh trio this way and or any info would be great. Is it possible to run a 2 site rdwc with a vegging and flowering simultaneousl
  3. Bucsfan80

    Waiting patiently

    My gg4 is waiting so patiently to go in the big rez. I'm not in a rush to chop to smoke but man I wanna get the gg4 in my main rez so she can go and not look back. Skywalker og just chillin no rush at all lol. Got the gg4 looking like a candelabra lol. Way more effort on my part training this...
  4. Bucsfan80

    Is this a mutant?

    Never seen this b4.
  5. Bucsfan80

    Quickie question

    I see quite a few pre-harvest pics with no fan leaves. Is that a thing? What's the reason, and is it beneficial in any way?
  6. Bucsfan80

    Chop time

    Pre chop pics. Heheehehee have fun
  7. Bucsfan80

    What do you all think this is?

    Just noticed this and am wondering what it is and what caused it. The last pic is zoomed in some. I have my suspicions but just want to confirm with you guys and gals. 4ish maybe 5 weeks, dwc, tap water @50ppm GH flora trio. 5.7-6.0 ph. Running just under 500ppm/1.0- EC. Topped once and lst'd...
  8. Bucsfan80

    Question about new light.

    Finally changing blurpels out. Got a 400w quantum board. I don't have much head room in an 8' room but have a dimmer now anyway. I have it same height should I dim it for like a transition period or what? Pic of one of the drivers from New light and lable from old blurples. I'm In flower about...
  9. Bucsfan80

    Would like some constructive criticism

    Whats up RIU?! So I'm still a noob but this isn't my first. This one is actually my fourth. Have had two successful harvests and one about three weeks into flower. This is my youngest atm. I've been on the site since my first and have had lots of great advice. Honestly I probably would have...
  10. Bucsfan80

    What happens when youve been sick for over a week

    This is what happens Holy shit balls! The roll of paper towels is for scale.
  11. Bucsfan80

    Emergency move

    Got a question for you all. So having to move my set up from basement to spare room for a few weeks or months. My question is that I'm going from a purpose built 6x5 grow room with passive ventilation to a spare bedroom with a window unit ac. I have always used a tent or room without ac and...
  12. Bucsfan80

    Air pump independence

    I dont want to run a loud ass air pump anymore. So came up with this kinda spray bar idea. My question is do all you pros think its enough agitation? Seems like it should be to me but I don't know shit lol.
  13. Bucsfan80

    The wait!

    So I've been way more patient this go but I'm starting to lost it lol. What you all think, getting close? I did a zoomed out followed by zoomed in no flash then zoomed with flash. I see amber but cloudy and clear can't tell the difference.
  14. Bucsfan80

    Needing advice on new set up please

    I've been getting parts for a while now and decided today was the day to build it. I don't know exactly what this falls under but I'm having ph issues and I'm guessing cause I had a small rez. (5 gallon bucket w/ 3 gal of soup vol.) Ph stated falling (in flower or course) so got a 20 gal rez...
  15. Bucsfan80

    Need help with a venting issue.

    So I have a two room setup basically a 5'x12' rectangle split in half and done up as two rooms. I have a 400 cfm exausht fan pulling on the far right of one room with a light proof vent on the wall separating the two. On the far left wall of the other room I have a 2'x2' passive intake. Well...
  16. Bucsfan80

    Quick question

    Anyone tried putting a spigot or valve on rez for soup samples? Was wondering if putting a little valve or spigot on rez so I can just squirt out enough soup to take my ph and ec sample. Cause at the moment I have to hold my bucket lid with plant and all up with hand and use other to take...
  17. Bucsfan80

    Getting ready for the flip

    So she made a hella recovery from whatever issue we were having. I've just been observing and feeding (and some lst) and I think she is as healthy as she will get. I had to get rid of all her roots except the real thick ones so she had very little like 10 main roots. Now after about a month she...
  18. Bucsfan80

    Question for G H trio users

    I've been using GH trio and all seems well and good so my question is has anyone used the aggressive veg chart? Last feeding I went 80% of full strength on the general purpose chart the plants show no sign of burn or anything so gonna up it to 95 or 100%. Was just seeing of anyone used the...
  19. Bucsfan80

    I wonder sometimes...

    I'm still a noob and I wonder sometimes why I do this. It's not for profit thats for sure. This one has been especially difficult and I think mainly because it's the cooler time of the year so I expected it to be easier lol. I really came close to just throwing in the towel but am so glad I...
  20. Bucsfan80

    Loooong road!

    This is my second dwc so still real wet behind the ears but feel like I've learned a lot and still learning. My first went off pretty easy for the most part so I figured do the same thing and it should be a good grow. WRONG!! Nothing but root problems! I have not found any light leaks and I've...