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  • Hey, you know best buds in Lansing? Seen a post when I searched for great lakes soil.
    Hey, Woodsman! I started reading the thread from the beginning some time ago. I JUST NOW made it to page 213 where you mentioned your company for the first time. I worked for quite some time in graphic/print design before the industry started suffering so much with the online competition. If you ever need marketing materials worked up, I believe in the cause. :-) Peace, brother.
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    Fantastic! Thank you kindly, thats much appreciated. Its amazing how things changed over the years and to see how far we have come in a single thread. The method in itself has evolved through thos thread. I would be honored to have you onboard, and I appreciate your interest, Thankyou.
    HEy Woods, so did everything look semi healthy with my plants? Just curious, everyone says they looks good and they seem healthy, but ur the scrog king so im waiting to hear from you^^ Hope all is well in the great north
    greetings woodsman

    reading you tutorial (wonderful) any chance the deleted photos can be reposted?
    best wishes
    Hello Woodsman. I see from forums that you seem to be the elite of groing SCROG style. I have a question that I hope you can answer for me.
    I am transferring two plants soon in a 3x3 grow box with a 600HPS, Jilly Bean and Botofumeiros. I have built a grow tray very similar to the Original DWC.
    I am about a month in from seed and have my seedlings in roto rooter plugs; now plugged into 4x4 rockwool under 3-2ft P&A bulbs. Plants are both 6-8 inches and have about 4-6 stem pairs.
    To grow SCROG, can I FIM the top of the plants soon to create more branching and colas? Or is it best to just LST?
    Also, which do you feel works best, the square grid or chicken wire?
    Thank you for your time. I appreciate all the help that specialists like yourself offer to fellow and novice growers.
    Hello WoodsManToker, just saw the thread you was highly active in called ENTER THE SCROG ... some nice stuff on there :D was hoping if you could do me a favour and look at this thread i created someone like you i believe could help me wonders with what im asking. Thanks Alot
    So whats the story on the MTF?? Ive been in AK a long time and havent seen it since the late 80's early 90's. Would love to find just a single clone from the gods, ive never found anything that compaired, and Im surely tired of these hood rats talking thier trash ofhow they got MTF.
    hey i live in anchorage and I have a friend with MS and he needs to find a doc to prescribe him some mmj. Do you know of any good mmj friendly doctors in anchorage?
    Wm, How have you been? Just checking to see when we get a chance to see yet another amazing SCROG. Wish you the best!
    " Alaska stays with you untill you stay in Alaska. Its a wonderfull Place!"'
    Absolutely! Lived for 2 years out of my life and have been dieing to go back every since... truly the last frontier!
    P.S. your scrog is inspiring me to go this route on my next grow!
    The site will still not allow me to send a private message, I don't know what is wrong admin has not answered repeated requests. Sorry that this is such a pain for you. Cane
    Mr Woodsman, I don't know what happened but yesterday RIU wiped out all of my info and profile. I don't know if the message I sent you was delievered or not. I am ready and anxious to start on the project. will write more after I get this straightened out with admin. Thanks for everything
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