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  • Hi bro, can you pvt msg me please?
    For some reasons or other i cant do it. I need to ask you about something.
    THanks :)
    dude i found ur postin on mandala point of no return.. ive gotta tell you shes is very nute sensitive. i had a 100% germ rate and 3 0f 4 were female.. if u have never tried it man the high is amazing it takes about a good 30 to 45 minutes to kick in but once it do you will know..
    its kinda heavy so i only smoke it at nite cuz if i dont i will be knocked out.
    but other than that i took it 65 day into flower and with the trichs at about 20% amber. it flowered nicely but when i do another run at it im going to lst or top it cuz they produce massive colas..

    happy growin and hopefully i'll see those babies take off
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