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  • I have 5 dressed in a tux, and one all black. They are really smart and full of personality unlike the other 5 I have. I love the black and whites like nothing else. Totally know what you mean.
    Just wanted to say I'm so happy to hear the little one is gonna pull through. I had a scare with one of my kittens, when he was less than 2 he got really really sick. Stopped eating, then stopped drinking even. He literally didn't drink water for 4 days, we had to give him sub dermal fluids... talk about a shitty thing to have to do to your kitty. Anyways, he finally recovered from deaths doorstep and annoys me on a daily basis. :) I hope your little one will be bouncing around for a long time to come.

    I'm real happy for you.

    Oh, and black cats are the best. ;)
    ok, I got you now I saw the post on the thread,(and thanks for that info, that's good to know:))

    Feel free to edit or delete the post if you want, no biggy. Cheers, DST
    no worries, leave comments wherever you like :) no need to delete stuff unless a mod deletes it. peace, dst
    Orite geezer thinking back the veg period was no different to any other plant I've done, mainly because I have major problems when vegging in coco, I always have problems with clawing yellowing and slow growth so this time I've switched to nft. The freeze should turn out well as long as she's green when she go's 12-12 she should do well I think mine just about doubled in height on flower
    Hey man, I havn't harvested yet. Im going to go one more week, That will be 9 weeks (63 days)... I havn't smoked a sample either... I can honestly say, chrystal has really impressed me though with her yield and chrystal covered buds... Im thinking Ill pull close to a lb off of my 4 ladies. The colas are over a foot long and as big around as soda bottles. 2 of them actually fell over they got so top I'll let ya know how she burns in a couple weeks. Thanks for dropping by...
    I picked them out of a tin of seeds a mate had.
    He said they were from some good shit.
    Think he was right.
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