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  • Good day, I have crohnes diseas and my Dr prescrbed me marinol,,, lol,, thanks doc...
    Hey guys.. Happy Sunday. Hope we all have a relaxed stoner day. Just lay back eat some good munchies food stay stoned and marathon movies
    Leagalize it! We will win eventually. Just a matter of when. And how long it lasts. But if it's given to us and taken away. Won't be good.
    Leagalize it, were gonna win reguardless, rite now its just a matter of when, and how long does it last, if I take it away5 riots will occur
    happy THANKSGIVING every one, hope it was happy hazy and Chinese eyed and filled with awesome munchie foods, and cakes n pies,
    I'm thankful that my family is together this year,thankful for my 3 ounces of primo from last crop. at 21% thc so I'm not dry this holiday.
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