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    Herbies Seeds Giveaway!

    Cbd lemon auto
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    I learned a lot from here before attempting to grow and having house plants and a garden helped a bit too.
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    Win A 3 Pack Of Anesia Seeds' *NEW* Future Island (34% THC!)

    Frozen black cherry sounds good!
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    Haha yeah that was around the same time of my first grow which was a Bubblicious by nirvana. Both went okay. I was able to harvest nothing record breaking but I made it to the finish line.
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    Hello, I have been a member for a bit but don't post much. I am from NM and have done about 3 grows they were not the best but also not the worst. I just enjoy looking around at what a lot of people around here are able to do and hopefully learn and improve my grow knowledge.
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    The Vault bring you a Seedsman Promo – Win a Grinder or Seeds

    Might as well throw my name in the hat. Thank you
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    Unit Farm - Giveaway _Ratchet Hanger 2800 Set Left

    Got my ratchet hangers in the mail yesterday thank you!
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    Question About Mushroom Growing

    Just starting my first mushroom grow. But you could make a spore print by cutting the stem off and putting the cap on a sterile piece of paper or foil and cover it for a while then make your own syringes or maybe trade them for new strains. and have a lot of good...